Groundhog Day

We really work up to Groundhog Day a couple of days ahead of time by talking about the sun and shadows.  “Bear’s Shadow” by Frank Acsh is a wonderful place to start – it clearly shows the relationship of the sun/light to shadows.  We also talk about how seasons are in a cycle, and once around the cycle/circle is a year, and how God is the one who brings spring – not the groundhog.

Then, of course, we make puppets.  These have a special memory for me because of a memory of a friend’s birthday party in college, but they’re very fun for the children, too.

This year a fellow teacher already had some pre-drawn groundhogs, but I encourage the children to draw their own.  Some years I just set out brown paper and have them trace a circle for the face.  A craft stick and a cup with a slit (that you have pre-cut) is all you need for some shadow fun!

Remember: Sees his shadow = six more weeks of winter.  No shadow = early spring.