Studies we get to each year

Hello, Mary Ann!

I don’t really plan themes/units – our learning is kind of organic. I am a strong believer in having activities out for a couple of days so that the children can have enough experience with them. “This will be out again tomorrow” are comforting words for a preschooler to hear who hasn’t had enough time with an activity or didn’t get to it today.

I’ll list most of the topics that we usually get around to each year. I like finding the connections between parts of our world, so you can probably see how one topic will organically change into another – or even others.

Our Bodies

My YouTube Playlist of videos <- click that


Space YouTube Playlist


Earth/Taking Care of the Earth/ Recycling

Recycling/Earth These videos have a personal meaning for me, so I explain them before we view them.



Bug Videos



Also, if you go to our Facebook page and look through the photos, you’ll see other work that we’ve done. I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have other questions!


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