Music and you – The Auto-autoharp

Ahhhhh….Classroom music. No matter who you are – please sing! Children need music in their lives!

Start with the basics. I have a list of song titles posted by my rocking chair that has around 20-30 song titles. When I’m stuck for the next song to choose, this jogs my memory.

I accompany my group with a tenor guitar (another post for another time), but you can sing without accompaniment! A little hint: sing in the children’s range, which is from middle C to an octave above. (Male teachers, you don’t have to actually sing in that range, but pick a key where the children are singing there.)

If you have an iPad, I just found an app that is pretty great – the autoharp! (Here it is shown on an iPod.)

See those letters? Those are the chord names.  If you look at children’s music books, they should have the chord names posted above the music.  Just push the chord buttons and strum away!  Look at you, you instant musical genius, you!

Of course, you could always buy a real autoharp, but I think you’d be happier with the Apple version. :)

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