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There are a couple of differing views regarding doing calendar with preschoolers. I had a young teacher send me the following e-mail:

I was just curious if you had a formal calender time in your classroom. Now that we have been doing our calendar time everyday since August, I am wondering if it is still useful to my students. I change it up everyday so that it is engaging but I am just not sure if it is the best use of our time. Could you please let me know your thoughts? Thank you so much!

My response:

Yes, we do calendar time, and I am aware of the controversy regarding its value. I’ll just throw in that it takes us a maximum of 2 minutes, and it’s no big deal. We count up to the day and then the children who want to help guess raise their hands. (It’s a habit now.) I ask one of them, “Are you thinking of the number or the shape?” and they tell me.

If it’s a 2-digit day, they guess what two numbers make up ’16’, and I take any answer, then we figure it out together, starting at the 10 or 20 – “1-0, 1-1, 1-2, etc.” Then someone else guesses the shape and I say, “Why do you think it’s _____” and they usually know & say the pattern. Tape up the day and we are done. In my opinion it is a daily exposure to counting aloud and patterns, but we don’t spend a heap of time on it.

Hope it helps!

Your thoughts?

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