Simple Shepherd Costume

This is an accompaniment post to the Preschool Christmas Gift for Parents post.

Let me just say this: Fleece is your friend.

I am not a seamstress by any means, but a simple shepherd costume for children is crazy easy to make.  All you need for this one is a CHEAP fleece blanket and some yardage of felt in a contrasting color.  Wal*Mart often has fleece throws for around $3, and you can’t beat that.

I apologize in advance for not having any measurements.  I’m a ‘just wing it and it’ll be fine’ kind of person.

1. Fold the blanket in half. You might be able to get two costumes out of one throw, depending on the size of the children that will wear it.


2. Cut out a big ‘T’ with the fold at the top.  You’re basically making a big shirt.  Make sure the part that will go around their trunk has enough room for you to stitch seams and still fit easily.


3. Sew up the sides.  You don’t have to hem the edges of the sleeves or bottom because it’s fleece!


4. Cut a ‘T’ in the top for their head to slip through.


5. Turn it right-side-out to hide seams. Or don’t – it doesn’t really matter.

5. Cut a long strip from the felt to use as a belt.

Done! You could stop right there, but if you want to get fancy (and not lose the belt), you can stitch the belt to the back of the costume so it’s ready to just be tied.

For the head piece, cut out a big rectangle of fleece or felt that’s another color. Cut out another long strip of felt (in a different color) and stitch it about 10 inches along the front of the rectangle.  If you  set it back an inch it will look nicer when tied.


Done! Enjoy your costume! It will last for years.



5 thoughts on “Simple Shepherd Costume

  1. Thank you for the instructions! This pattern looks perfect and your pictures are adorable. I’m looking for a simple costume for my toddlers to dress in to take their picture in a Nativity scene. :)

  2. Thank you for this very helpful post! It was so easy. Wouldn’t have had a clue how to do this otherwise.

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