Simple Drawing – Nativity Scene

This is a companion post to the Preschool Christmas Gift for Parents Post.

Disclaimer: During Group Time, I sometimes like to show children easy ways to draw things using very simple shapes.  I am not an artist myself, and we always talk about how my drawing isn’t going to look exactly like the thing I’m drawing  – and that is ok. “We are just practicing” is our motto.  (I had a hurtful thing said to me when I was younger, and strongly feel that children should be encouraged to draw no matter their talent level.) We also talk about how their drawing isn’t going to look exactly like mine.  We are just practicing!

I like to tell the children that I have drawn a Nativity scene the exact same way since I was little – and I’m not kidding.  It has some lines, some circles, some triangle-y shapes, a rectangle, a cross and an x.

I like to start with the roof.  (We use our arms first to talk about flat roofs and pointy roofs.), then add sides


Then a manger, which is a rectangle, 2 legs, a half-circle, and some ‘glory’.  We talk about each part as I add it.


Then the people.  We start with a circle-ish shape for the head, then a triangle-ish shape for the robe.


Another one for Mary or Joseph – depending on who’s taller.


Then we need a star in the sky.  We start with a simple cross shape:


Then draw an ‘X’ through the middle.  These are always good for the children to practice drawing in the air first.


An angel is just a tilty person in the sky….


With some half-circles for wings.



I go through it again on a blank paper/whiteboard and have the children tell me the parts that need to be added.  I don’t put features on mine because I don’t want their work to be an exact copy, but we talk about the things they could add to their picture to make it look fancy – faces, arms, a shepherds hook, etc.

I hang my prototype where they can see it from their drawing space.  The results are fabulous!

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