Panic has set in.

And as long as I don’t think too hard about everything that has to be done, I’ll be fine.

I’ve really let this website fall by the wayside, and I think I’m just going to turn it into a memory archive like the other one.  It will help me in the long run, I’m sure.  Here goes: Prepping for home visits 2008

  1. 26 days before first day – Asked Lloyd to retake my picture, printed and cut new postcards (4 x 6).
  2. 25 days before fist day – Addressed and stamped postcards.  I would have mailed them right away but I had a problem with one child’s address.
  3. 24 days before first day – printed other teacher’s cards and cut them out.  (Thank you, Lloyd, for the paper cutter!)
  4. 23  days before first day – dropped them in the mailbox.
  5. 22 days before first day – drew up home visit schedule and printed it on cardstock.  It will stay in my purse ALWAYS, since I included my phone number on the card.  One copy, no missed appointments (ha).  Also made new version of stick-figure daily schedule.
  6. 21 days before first day – started to make phone calls, realized this is going to be a small nightmare.  Made up a one-day sign-up sheet to leave at school tomorrow.



I was pleased with how I put together this version of the schedule.  It’s on 8 1/2 x 14 paper, and I bent a little glue margin and marked it before making the copies.  They fold nice and flat this time ’round.

2 thoughts on “Panic has set in.

  1. Lauren – I love how nicely the children are sitting around the breakfast table. Your illustrations are adorable!

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