Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have always been dismayed by the amount of trash that we throw away at our Center.  It’s just a fact that we have to use many cups, napkins, boxes and miles and miles of paper towels.  Just recently we decided to try to make a dent in it, and start recycling our cereal boxes and milk jugs.   I thought this would be a great subject to study with the children, and I’m glad we did.  It was a little difficult to come up with ‘activities’ for them to do, but the conversations we had were very meaningful.  Our story was Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha.  It was good to begin by looking at the litter around the trash cans and discussing how that’s not good for our world.  Then we talked about how if the trash trucks didn’t pick up the trash, our world would be ugly and stinky.  That developed the idea that there’s a place for trash, then we moved on to discovering how everything doesn’t need to go in the trash.   Some things can be used again, and somethings can be made new again.   We spent some time finding all the trash  cans around our school.


We ended the week by making paper out of construction paper scraps.  You just tear some up, throw them in a blender with water, then pour them out over those weird disposable kitchen towels that look like mesh that’s over some kind of screen.  Press out the water, let dry.  (This was learned from Denise Fleming.)


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