So what should I wear?

Let me start by saying:  Don’t wear anything to school that you might want to wear somewhere nice – out to a fancy dinner, church, etc.  You are in an environment where paint splashes, markers go haywire, and yes – children have accidents that you will have to clean up.  (One summer I couldn’t catch a break.  Every time I’d wear my nice sandals, the toilet would overflow.  Guess who gets to unstop the toilets?)

That being said, keep in mind that you want to dress like a professional.  For your basic wardrobe, you really only need five pairs of pants.  That’s what I have.  I do laundry every week and that’s it.  I used to buy them at a Big Box store – never for more than $20.  They kind of have to be considered disposable.  Usually a pair of pants will last about 8 – 10 months before they have a couple of spots that just won’t come out.  (Don’t wear spotty pants.)   Get some inexpensive, yet nice-looking shirts you can mix & match.  (I love the show What Not To Wear!)  You can, and should, look nice, but keep it affordable.

There are some steps to take to keep your clothes clean, but I don’t do them.  Some people wear aprons all day, some have jacket/smock things.  I just take the splashes as they come.  The most heartbreaking day was when I had a brand-new shirt and we were working with permanent markers to color plastic.  We had the ‘be careful’ talk and I was wearing an apron, but a little boy turned to tell me something and slashed my sleeve.  “Sorry.”  Oh well.

I like the thought of being a preschool teacher but not looking like what people expect of preschool teachers.  I had my days of vests and sweatshirts with pictures on them, but those are in the past.  You decide what your style is – then go for it.

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