Each child in our class has a journal. We usually introduce them the second week of preschool. Mine are very simple – cheap (10-20 cent) binder/folders with brads inside to hold blank paper. We label them with the child’s name and picture. (Gotta love that digital camera!) We start off with about 5 blank sheets of paper, and add paper as the year goes on. Last year I started keeping my classroom observations in the back of each folder. I told the children, “The white papers are for you, but the colorful papers are for me to write down when I see you do something great!” (They love that.)

inside journal

The good part of limiting the number of papers is that it prevents it from geting filled up right away. (Last year I had them help assemble the journals, and in the first day, all the papers had drawings. We went through a bunch of paper.) We keep a date stamper handy, and after they have dictated their story, they stamp the date. (Another thing they love!)
teacher pages

During the day, I jot down notes on a piece of paper (I’ll talk about observations in a seperate post.) During naptime, once they are all finally sleeping, I transfer notes into their journals.

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