Housekeeping – what to have


Again, I can’t stress enough the idea that you DON’T need a ton of stuff! My analogy is: When you go shopping, do you prefer digging through racks of mis-matched items in the wrong spot, with the racks jammed so close together you can’t move around or find anything – or do you love looking at things nicely displayed, that invite you to look around and choose what you like? (Ok, if you’re a bargain hunter, this might not be the best analogy, but you see what I’m saying, right?)

I think it’s the imagination and conversation that should be the focus of housekeeping, not having every kind of toy imaginable. Keep it simple, and as always – label where things should go.

In housekeeping, start with:

  • A decent kitchen set.
  • A table and chairs
  • 4 – 5 dress-up clothes, and a few accessories (hats, a purse) DON’T go overboard here!
  • place settings for 4 – cups, bowls, plates

Really, you could just stop there and they would be happy as clams. There are nice things to add in as the year goes by, but don’t forget to edit what is in there – when you bring in something new, take something out. Some ideas:

  • A couple of old phones
  • A basket of pretend food
  • baking/cooking items (This photo was taken when we were studying baking.)
  • computer keyboards for typing
  • change out your dress-up clothes
  • a small Christmas tree and a basket of plastic ornaments to decorate and re-decorate the tree
  • A lamp (yes, a real lamp that you have talked about using safely and have taped down underneath) can add more magic than you ever imagined!

You may be wondering about the green on the walls. Two words: Liquid starch! If you’ve never tried this, you have to. Soak a piece of fabric in liquid starch and squeeze out the excess. Smooth it onto the wall and it dries – looking like wallpaper – but it comes off like a dream! I nailed a piece of chair railing along the top so the children wouldn’t pick at it, and it makes the space very cozy.

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