Guys & Ties

Men have it so easy!  My husband is a teacher, as is a good friend of ours (both middle school), and they teach in ties.  I highly recommend wearing a shirt and tie if you are a man.  You look great, and it’s pretty brainless dressing.  Five pairs of pants, five dress shirts, and ties. (They each probably have over 200 ties.)   The beauty of it is, you have an icebreaker – children will comment on your tie – and you have Christmas presents in the bag!  (My husband buys nice ties at thrift stores.  He never pays more than five dollars.) 

To make dressing even more streamlined, buy all your shirts the same color.  This year, he’s going with blue.   (This is also a tip for ladies.  I have a friend who wears tan pants, a white t-shirt, and a colored long-sleeved shirt over that.  Every day. Easy as pie.)

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