Blocks – what to have

So you have to set up for blocks.  What are the bare-bones supplies that you need?  Here’s a list to think about:

Should have available at all times:

  • Large blocks (preferably on a shelf labeled with shapes)
  • Small & large cars/trucks/tractors – not too many, but enough to have some to drive around
  • Collection of people (plastic dolls)
  • Large legos

Items to switch out:

  • Small blocks
  • Plastic animals
  • Buildings
  • Sensory blocks

Remember, you don’t have to have everything out all at once.  My block area really doesn’t change much during the year.  We add books and clipboards occasionally, but the children do a wonderful job creating structures.

Big blocks

 This is the corner in blocks that holds the bigger blocks.  The white shelves have outlines of each kind of block (drawn with permanent marker) so they are easily put back.  The box holds our ‘castle blocks’.

 Blocks 2

This is the opposite corner.  Each shelf has a digital photo of the item – attached with a sheet of clear contact paper. 

Less is more! 

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