Where do I start?

Well, friends, there is no magic answer to that.  In fact, I want to prep you with the notion that this year is not going to go as smoothly as you would hope.  Before I taught preschool, I taught second grade for two years.  I had NO experience with the preschool crowd.  My plan for the first few days was to spend ALOT of time outside and just let them run until I got my bearings.

It rained solid for the first week.

I really don’t remember very much of my first few years.  I remember asking many questions of my director and using a lot of resource materials.  I am not a fan of Theme Teaching, but if you are just starting out – embrace the themes!  They will give you some structure until you can branch out and find your own way.

I’d like to cover several things in this category.  Bear with me while I sort them out.

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