The Beauty of Baskets!

Baskets have so much going for them!  They come in all shapes and sizes, they look fabulous, they lend a warm feeling to the space they occupy – they are your best bet for in-room storage.  (We’ll talk about clear plastic tubs in the closet/storage room as the best bet for out-of-sight storage in another post.)   If you shop the thrift stores or find them on clearance, the prices are very reasonable!  Buy sturdy, and replace them if they start to fall apart.  (Ratty baskets do not make for a good environment!)

Art Baskets on High Shelf

 These baskets hold non-everyday art supplies – extra craft sticks, pom poms, tissue paper, etc.  They are on a shelf in my classroom close to the ceiling.

Art Baskets

 These are baskets that hold paper, markers & crayons in one of our preschool rooms.

toddler baskets

This photo is too dark, but you can see how we used baskets to store food & dishes in our toddler room. 



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