I love that show!  It is very affirming to me to see this lady (who is paid handsomely, I’m sure) say all the things that we do here. 

* Give children routines.  That is their safety net – they know what is expected and when to expect it.  Write/Draw it out so little ones can see it.

* Get down on their level.  Don’t tower over them, sit or kneel so you can have an eye-to-eye conversation.  (We talk often about how you need to look in the eyes of the person you’re talking to – that’s how you have a conversation.)

* Be realistic in your expectations and consequences, and follow through.  This would be a place where I could write pages and pages of the things I’ve done wrong.   That will be a different post about ‘Don’t make threats, and don’t make consequences that you can’t follow through with.)

Watch the show sometime – it is worth it!

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