Storing the Excess

Now let me get up on my soapbox here:  I firmly believe that everyone has way too much stuff, including me.  You (and I) really could make do with half of what we have.   (Sidebar:  I am a complete slob at heart, but found a website that helped me develop some better habits.  It’s a home cleaning site, but I apply it to our school environment, as well.  I’ts )

When I taught second grade, I bemoaned the lack of storage in my classroom, and said that every classroom should have it’s own attic or basement.  In our current facility, our Center has been blessed with that.  We have a huge basement where we store our extra games, toys, dress-up clothes, books, etc.  It is a gift.    Amazingly, though, we still get overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, and it gets junked up.   We have done a good job of ‘thinning the herd’ and storing what we have in clear plastic tubs.  (Not a cheap investment, but SO worth it. You can see what you have, and when someone donates 50 egg cartons, you know that you already have 70.)

So, if possible, find a place that you can designate as storage, and keep it as organized as possible.  It will save you many, many headaches!


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