At naptime I read a few pages from chapter books – Charlotte’s Web, The Boxcar Children, and the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. Last year I came to a section in Ramona the Brave where Ramona is talking about her first grade teacher, who dislikes her and makes it known.  “Ramona dreaded school because she felt Mrs. Griggs did not like her, and she did not enjoy spending the whole day in a room with someone who did not like her, especially when that person was in charge.”


I know that there have been children that get under my skin – it’s a fact of life! But put yourself in the shoes of the child who is ALWAYS getting called out for misbehaving. If redirection and discipline is always done in a negative fashion, what is that child learning everyday? “I always get in trouble at school. My teacher is always mad at me. The other kids know I’m naughty.”

FRONTAL LOBE!!! Yes, you will always have children who need more guidance than others. But think – Jesus loves this child so much that He died for this child. How will you treat a fellow child of God? How would YOU want to be treated?

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