Paint every day!

In the category of ‘Lessons I’ve learned the hard way’, one is that you should let children have the opportunity to paint every day.

A few years ago I had every intention of getting paint out, but you know how it goes.  I’d forget to get it ready right away, time would slip away, and before you knew it, another Center Time had slipped away with no paint.

The next year I talked with one of our graduates.  “How’s kindergarten?”I asked.   She answered, “Great! Our teacher lets us paint every day!!”  Ouch!  The knife in my heart!!

So, take my advice.  Have it available every day, or at least two or three times a week.  One or two colors is plenty, and they will love it!

2 thoughts on “Paint every day!

  1. Often time the fear among new teachers is that everyone will want to paint, and the thought of that can be overwhelming. That’s why repetition is sooooo important in all aspects of planning.  Children need to know that exciting activities will happen over and over again for many days. In this way, children who are painting don’t need a “timer” telling them when they are “done” (see uninterrupted play!), they decide for themselves.
    Children develop patience and trust knowing that they will get an opportunity. (delayed satisfaction)
    Children get to practice taking turns.

    I look forward to the discussion of painting, the process vs. the product!

  2. I visit child care sites and you wouldn’t believe how many don’t include an art easel anymore. They may paint occassionally during craft time. It makes my heart very sad.

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