Limit the Posters

I am not a fan of the pre-made cute posters they sell in the teacher store.  If you are just beginning and need them, ok.  But look at them first.  Is it something to help you manage the room?  Map posters are alright, birthday posters are ok, but if it’s just for decoration – hold off.  It will not be a bad thing if your walls are a little bare.  We live in such a chaotic world anyway – don’t overwhelm these children with all that STUFF on the walls.  It’s just  visual static. 

Leave the spaces empty and put up their drawings the first week or two!  Be sure to mount it nicely on a piece of construction paper, first.  Make it look like a piece of fine art  If you haven’t read The Dot by Peter Reynolds, do.  It changed the way I look at children’s art.  It should be REAL, and a dot is more real than a coloring page of a bear.

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