It’s not what you say….

But how you say it.  Think about the phase “Sit down”.  Think about saying it in the following voices: Angry, tired, frustrated, forceful, weakly, welcomingly, excitedly, calmly….you can see what I’m aiming at.  Think about the many people you interact with during the day.  What would they say about how you speak to them?  What would you like parents to say about you?  How would you like your staff to speak about you?  How do your children want to be spoken to? 

There will be many times when you will have do approach parents about some important issue – their child’s behavior, a schedule conflict, papers that are due in the office.  Be pleasant when you say it!  If you have to answer a phone – smile!  People will hear it in your voice!

You might be the only person in some person’s day who says ‘Good morning’ to them and gives them a smile.  “A cheerful look gives joy to the heart.” – Proverbs 15:30a

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